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About Marc Jungermann

photo by mirella hetekivi

I am a songwriter & composer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

My musical journey began when I started taking private piano lessons at the age of 7. I went on to do so for another 13 years, many of which under the tuition of legendary boogie-woogie pianist Janne Lucas Persson. 


During that time I also studied music at Aranäsgymnasiet and took a course in Film Music at Skurups Folkhögskola.


In 2010 I started teaching music at Medborgarskolan in Kungsbacka and Gothenburg as a piano- and ensemble teacher.

In 2014 I packed my bags and moved to London to study at BIMM, British & Irish Modern Music Institute from where I graduated with many new experiences.

I compose in all styles of music, and my portfolio contains music ranging from medieval and Celtic music to boogie-woogie, funk, rock, metal, house, electronica and everything in between.

I began work at Sweden's Television (SVT) in 2016 and has since worked on 7 projects as music supervisor, composer, producer, researcher and artist manager.


I have composed music for Kungsbacka Teater and a range of charity- and independent film projects, as well as music for international companies from all corners of the world. My compositions have also been featured on the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2016 & 2017.


In March 2018 I collaborated with UNESCO on the making of an original soundtrack for the Entlebuch Biosphere in Switzerland, which I also got to visit to see my music performed live at two shows in Wolhusen. I also gave a lecture in digital music making in the nearby town of Liestal, as part of my stay in Switzerland. Around this time I also finished my studies at Uppsala University where I took in-depth courses in World Music.

Having previously written & produced original music for several TV- & radio ads across the world, a lifelong dream was fulfilled when my music aired as theme music for the new show Bara Sport on Swedish national television (SVT1).

In the summer of 2018 I was commissioned by Little Treehouse as a lyricist and vocalist for a large number of music tracks targeting a young audience.

In 2019 I was the recipient of Kungsbacka Kulturpris, the annual cultural award of my home town.

In May I teamed up with the incredibly talented Angela July (X-Factor, Asia's Got Talent) in the making of the Game of Thrones Piano & Harp Cover - one of my rare music video appearances. 

From 2019 and onwards, my soundtrack 'Celestial Disorder' is a feature in Josephine Lee's (Britain's Got Talent, Israel's Got Talent, Diversion) magic shows.

I was delighted to receive the 2020 Region Halland Culture Scholarship (Region Hallands Kulturstipendium).

In 2021 I had the honour of being contracted by NCSOFT to compose original music for the South Korean MMORPG Lineage 2M.

After this I was tasked with writing original music for the multiplayer combat game Expedition Agartha in August 2022.

In addition to my contracted work I am highly active on YouTube - uploading new music on Thursdays.


My music is a regular feature on the popular YouTube music channel ThePrimeCronus. I have composed original music for popular YouTubers such as Exploring With Josh, as well as a range of podcasts, such as the popular See If It Sticks, TV in Space & the West Ham United KUMB Podcast with guests such as James Corden and Russell Brand.


When I'm not writing music I love to spend time outdoors camping, writing lyrics in the wild or geocaching. I'm also a huge fan of football and a former Premier League season ticket holder.

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